“Bang, Bang”


She stood outside the window looking in;

Her parents and the colored lights recall

a celebration known as Christmas when

all hearts are light and people’s cares are small.

She stood outside the window looking in

but dare not leave the shadows. There’s a pause;

her hair entwined with twigs; her knee is skinned.

Her lips are bruised ; new boots are scraped with claws.

Four schoolboys offer her a ride that night.

Her devastation comes from shame within; 

she cannot face their laughter and her fright

has frozen her emotions with her sin.

Age fourteen, her naivete now dead;

her girlhood’s over; older life now led.

(Age of this true story: many years.  Yes, she remembers every detail.  Reason for not reporting:  “they would never have believed me against the 4 of them.”  Remembering that time in history, she was probably correct.  Damned if you tell and damned if you don’t.  Is a new age coming? We need to teach our daughters how to better fight back against abuse.  There is an old Nancy Sinatra song, “Bang, Bang” that is so poignant (1966).  Women have been victims too long.  Maybe we can start teaching our young how to fight back and survive without being murdered in a cornfield in the future.)

“Men in Orange Jumpsuits”


She wanted the attention and the wealth.
Bold disrespect she shows Memorial Day
for Christians dressed in orange to their death;
be-headings all the rage is Griffin’s way.

I weep for Man whose lost all sense of shame
I shudder for her stupid, bloody hands
I feel the filth just mentioning her name
A comedy of sorts lost to her fans.

Catastrophe to those who clap and grin.
There will be sorrow for the rest of us.
A lost humanity attuned to sin,
we’ll view our part , if any, with disgust.

The heart has withered once the head is lost
and so Man’s spirit where there is no trust.

“Pause the Parsing”

“Pause the Parsing”

President’s dismay

at White House briefing parsing

gives me ample pause.

>Mutant 750, #33

“Ain’t it the Truth?”

It’s best to let your sleeping hound dogs lie
or otherwise they’re baying at the moon.
Insisting cats make exit from their bags
may make them see you crazy as a loon.

Some like to make a mountain of a mole;
his hill a tiny fraction of the truth.
Some words of wisdom may be quite your goal
but best to shut your mouth; don’t be uncouth!

I’ve heard there is a truth, unvarnished, sigh…
but told by only children and some fools.
Tell half the truth; it’s often a whole lie.
Fact is, its form the strangest gospel tool.

The naked truth:  a cat could care less for
your bag of tricks; his pokes he best adores.

“Let the cat out of the bag”. (To reveal information previously hidden, usually from a specific person or group.)  I was amazed at the number of idioms existing in our language as I started my research.  I tried to use at least one in each line of my poem.  Even my title is an idiom.

Pie Ala Mode Ode

pie ala mode

“Pie Ala Mode Ode”

My palinode:  pie ala mode
had earlier affection
but now my waist measures such taste
with bold discrimination.

A palinode or palinody is an ode in which the writer retracts a view or sentiment expressed in an earlier poem.  Ogden Nash wrote a palinode in relation to his most famous poem about the dandiness of candy, and quickness of liquor:

“Nothing makes me sicker
than liquor
and candy
is too expandy”