lovebirds4-best-2The love of spring, eternal in the air,
when doves are heard outside my windowsill.
When nature’s light now casts a new-born flair
for all the world and now my moment’s thrill.

(These doves happened to rest opposite my 3rd floor condo apt in a Chinaberry tree and gave me just enough time to reach for my camera! What luck!)

“April’s Tree”

“April’s Tree”

The tree outside my window flutters green.
She’s pregnant with Bach’s flute sonata soon.
Delighted with her lofty leaf,  she leans
as pigeon poets wrap within her, croon.

You’ve had the better hour of my bright morn
and still I pause to hear you play your part;
enticing birds_ those  jazz-men with a horn,
that play for you and I with all their heart.

Lush tree, framed in my window, I profess
we’re blessed to have you in our sunlit ground.
Our April captures joy with your success
I hear melodic beams of mellow sound.

Oh, solid tree, if God be anywhere,
he’s in your leafy poem that we share.

MVC-005SPhoto by J. Casey

“Oh, Green, Green, Green, Green, Green!”


Green LilyPhoto by Jacqueline Casey

“Oh, Green, Green, Green, Green, Green!”

Since April  now expects to have her fling;
an idiot’s delight, her trees will crest.
As yellow-noise among her branches sing,
she lifts my spirit with her greener chest.

April’s here, awakens from her slumber
and all the dandelions roar and bound.
Her splendid call delights the many numbers
of lush and leafy vines that circle round.

But, oh, defies allegiance from my heart
since winter’s gone , yet leaves me with this chill.
No matter, I will trust her insane start;
my mind befuddled neath her greener will.

Oh, lunatic! enchanter of the Spring.
Compelled to be a partner to your scene.