“Sestina for Minnie E. Amerine”

Minnie E. Amerine“Sestina for Minnie E. Amerine”

Desirous to be loved, we seek our own

and when we find it, that is where we leap.

An attic jewel shining mid the dust

and so the mind stirs anxiously to seek

but in its reaching finds a darker door

and in that search may see a deadly scene.

Here’s Minnie Amerine, lost to her scene.

She shares a placid beauty all her own.

But cold, her muted lips a dungeon door

upon her porcelain face no motives leap.

What was her heart’s desire; what did she seek

for one so young now gone to stifling dust?

Will each of us discover, through that dust

an answer to the riddle of life’s scene?

Her eyes would speak of love we all do seek:

acceptance for a corner of our own

before we hear the bell; before we leap

before our life becomes that clos`ed door.

Now gaze upon that face; a cloistered door.

No frown but one brief moment’s smile to dust.

On death, a frozen smile forever leaps

upon the photo of this lovely scene:

Did you once guard a love you called your own

before death’s jealousy sent arms to seek?

While looking in her face, her beauty seeks

to open up another worldly door.

‘Fore time is frozen, I will call my own

before the dust will smother me to dust.

Before I turn from Minnie, leave her scene:

her tragic, early death does make me leap.

And through her mirrored eyes, I scream and leap.

And in her frozen smile, my love still seeks

to know what she was like behind that scene.

Her spirit filled with breath behind closed doors?

Or is our Minnie gone to cosmic dust;

her beauty but a bit of atom’s own?

Now leap upon the face of beauty! Seek!

Hold to that scene where love’s beyond the door.

Remember Minnie’s dust is but our own.

(I have been busy lately tracing my ancestry.  Minnie was born 1892 and died, tragically at age 17 in 1910 after birth of my husband’s father in 1909.)  Was looking for inspiration for a Sestina.  Some say the form is more fun for the writer than the reader. I don’t know about that.  A sestina is a lot of hard work.  I would welcome any help, criticism or comment.  Thanks.

(Sestina) “Requiem for a Bedbug”

“Requiem for a Bedbug”

“Delicious Morsels, Edible Earth For
Bed Bugs”, blink signs tonight in this *Paris.
“Let them eat Earth, they shall bite me no more!”
Marie, named Antoinette , she snored a while
as little vampires ate her, banquet style.
Now comes the dawn, a sorry sight; en masse

of Bed Bugs dead, humongous, in a mass.
These bugs thus have a predilection for
a munching lunch in banquet-gathered style,
prepare to brunch upon the queen’s Paris.
So sleeps Marie who knew naught for a while
or that, voracious bugs had plans for more.

Was but a pound of flesh; they wanted more.
The Captain, bugged, thus counted comrade’s mass;
commissioned ready soldiers wait a while:
“Await the broom, the mop, the sacred pail for
we, as bugs, do love a clean Paris”.
Ladies-in-Waiting steamed queen sheets with style!

The Queen took to her bed in regal style:
“’Let them eat cake’; they shall eat me no more!”
Surprise for bed bugs to this site, Paris
and so the Ladies sweep them in a mass.
“They’ll sniff burnt sulfur! That we’re waiting for!
They’ll sing a dirge for dead comrades a while!”

The nightly stampede starts in just a while.
Bug Captain says “Ho, Forward!” , and with style.
The sulfur burns the lungs of sick crew for
they breathe vile fumes upon their munching more.
“Comrades!” the Bug Lead shouts, “We’re dead en masse:
abandon Queen in bed to her Paris!”

Kind sir, hear story of this fair Paris:
poor city! Head-bowed, bend your neck a while…
Bed Bugs, they had their day and night, en masse;
they fought a brave, new battle with such style.
But none could fathom sorrow so much more
than what Ladies-in-Waiting… waited for:

No Paris defestation for a while:
The guillotine exacts from Queen her style
as all her ladies moan: “More bugs en masse!”

*Paris pronounced “Pair ee”.

Day 15, April PAD for Writer’s Digest Prompt: Create a Sestina