Fish Fantasy

Fish Fantasy

Upon this beach, the people saunter by.
Idyllic children play at water’s edge.
The warm wind blows its foam into my eyes.
My heavy heart sinks silent from this ledge.

But, lo! my body; buoyed by the salt,
forgets. My mind now slips its bony cage.
Free floating, spiny blob.  I’m fish, default
as once defined me in some ancient age.

I’m orca, splashing through his innocence.
Suspended, I am Pisces lost to shore.
Steered by my fins, I search with rounded lens.
I’m free…no more aerobic carnivore!

But suddenly… old Triton blows his hornorca
and I am banished; back to shoreline borne.


Breaking waves blow sea-foam in my eyes.

My swim fins glide adeptly from this ledge.

And, lo! my body, buoyed by the salt,


My being’s slipped its bony cage. Free-floating, spiny blob,

HOMUNCULUS as once I was my father’s spermal rage.

I’m orca, playing, as my brain pretends: no more aerobic carnivore!

Old Triton blows his horn. I’m banished back to shore,

but newly born!

(Write 66 word piece using word, “homunculus”.  Noun: A supposed microscopic but fully formed human being from which a fetus was formerly believed to develop first in the sperm. Linking to the HOST