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The setting sun now breaks my drifting dream
and threads that needle to my passion’s flight
resplendent in its dignity, our scene
compels imagination with delight.

The fading sun now cools to lighter air
and calm, our camels rock the dusty swells.
A steamy haze along horizon’s flare
where desert’s dying colors cannot dwell.

Sahara haze, mysterious and stark.
Intrigued, I hasten to his silken tent.
I hurry to my soul in evenings dark.
We coast in caravans of eons spent.

Slow burn and then the quickened, bold desire
as when Sahara sands alight with fire.


The Wedding

Arielle(Photo by Julie Ferneau, California)

The Wedding

Wherever two hearts meet, then sparks appear

as linked forever love does make it so.

Its dawning and its innocence is here

as fire and the burn an afterglow.

That blaze of magic glorious to the eye

as Arielle shines forth for all to see:

she sparkles like a thousand rainbow skies

and brightest in her warm sincerity.

Their joy eclipsed by none as quiet falls

as in the hush of dawn the still moon hung;

as in the misty cloud we hear love’s call:

two snow-white doves await the rising sun.

The bless’ ed and the patient, caring kiss

now Jonathan encircles with their bliss.

(Shakespearean Sonnet.  14 lines iambic pentameter. Rhyme scheme: abab;cdcd;efef;gg.   My poem inspired by photo of two young friends, Jonathan and Arielle who recently married.)

First Love (Trifecta Entry-First Place )

“First Love”

You take my hand
and in that gesture
satisfy my swirling, naked need,
spellbound as spent leaf
whose golden moment
has no hunger left
but blissful floats
mid magic flutter
back to earth

credit: Dreamstime.com

Photo Credit: Dreamstime.com

Prompt for Trifecta:  use the word, SATISFY.  Count must be 33 words. (My entry took

First Place.  Thank you, Trifecta!)

Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”

... Shakespeare’s best known plays: Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s

“Love is Blind on Such a Summer Night”

Was on a summer solstice such as this

when drunk with idleness, old Bottom napped.

Awakened then, his new reflection kissed

two donkey ears, a toothy grin; a sap!

“Hee haw!”: a screeching noise that made him frown.

But through the eyes of love, Titania sees

our Bottom, hero, in the place of crown!

So, love is tilted as the summer breeze

with lofty dreams and sprightly attitude.

Old Oberon’s pretensions might be blamed

for all the fairy pleasures that are brewed.

Beware! a maze of errors may inflame.

for love is blind and surely ecstasy;

Old Shakespeare knew of love…and you and me.

(form:  Shakespearean Sonnet, abab;cded;efef;gg.  Iambic Pentameter)

April 24, 2014 “Tell it to My Heart”


                                                  The kiss no one wants                                                 to miss;  furtive, alarming                                                       as life rushes by...
Photo: Robert Doisneau

“Tell it To My Heart”

Though Heaven acts as
anchor for my soul,
a lofty tether is
your earthly kiss.

Since Heaven’s orb shines
brightest in your eyes,
I’ll  choose that crown
of gold:  your blissful sigh.

Day 24 April, 2014,  PAD Challenge, Writer’s Digest, Prompt: use “tell it to____”