Echoes on Easter Island


“Echoes on Easter Island”

The silence as the clouds go rushing by
*across the treeless island’s bare terrain
where statues, mute, sit quiet in their clime
to worship, chant yet no one hears their claim.

Signs of their age show in their surface scowl
as muscles strain to move their burden forth.
Men grunt and stretch to transfer giant haul
with logs from trees that roll their statues north.

These silent icons speak of heaven’s hold.
Their antique voices echo from the past.
Harmonic crowds of angels have foretold
a tale of man’s redemption come at last.

They wail! These mighty icons pitch and lean
as mesmerized, they view their layered world;
their nights a holographic, starstruck scene.
What secret dreams has Rapa Nui hurled?

Now drop two stones in silent-surfaced pond
both circles formed may intermingle; die.
Below the surface, interference bonds
as spirit in the man has wings to fly.

That wisdom lies beneath the spreading wave;
encircles sound yet soul is not enslaved

*They say the islanders cut down all the trees on Easter Island so they could move their giant, carved heads to specific locations. They must have been waiting for rescue from another planet as the statues were placed strategically, on the island, as a kind of welcome sign for those coming from outer space to recognize their island as the place to land! The patterns set up on the island look like a kind of airport being readied for visitors from outer space. Reminds me of a modern-day movie,”Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”


Sunday Whirl

Sunday Whirl: Write a poem using the following: “striking, race, illuminates, hitched, concrete, pounding, circle, strain,wallow, scatter, incentive, stark”

“Titan vs Nature”

Henry M. Flagler’s train across the sea:
a striking image in a race for time
illuminates his personality.
He hitched his wagon to such things sublime!

A dreamer; Henry churned his century.
A modest man; built concrete by the shore;
defied the pounding waves to circle free
or strain against the Breakers Hotel moored.

His train from Jacksonville to Largo, quick
condemned by some as stark insanity;
incentive for mosquitoes scattered thick
mid hurricane of Thirty-Five in Keys.

Old Flagler stands among the titans  tall,
who struggled ‘gainst the storm and gave his all.

(Henry Flagler, hard-working millionaire and owner of Standard Oil, took the opportunity to ‘play’, finally, in his golden years. It was during this period his dream of a train across the ocean to Key Largo, Florida  originated.  Nature said “No way” but not before Henry gave Nature a run for his money. I can recommend a great read! “Last Train to Paradise” by Les Standiford, 2002.