Shadows In a Song

Some Shadows murmur to us from our past;

Some linger, singing in the misty dark.

They’re mournful memories, relentless cast

away with rhythmic beat and loss of heart.

Our song most over now that George is gone.

“He changed the world”_ a daughter’s wistful moan.

A stirring of the light among the leaves

and he has left a sigh. His day has flown.

Oh, deeper than our well of being _ dark!

From deepest depths we hear again his voice.

And we’ve no need to listen to the lark

who hurries through the trees. He has his choice!

I’m here. I hear the sadness in your call:

“I cannot breathe. Oh, Mother, help us all”.

“A 1940’s Christmas”

Fir Tree
“A 1940’s Christmas”
Green fir arms dressed in red crepe
circles; taped.
Thread the popcorn, nestled close.
Sprinkle limbs with silvered swirls:
Christmas eve metamorphose.
(Few on this site were even BORN when I was decorating this tree *BigSmile*)
A  Le Sizain Hétérométrique Poem. The poem consists of 6 lines only.
The rhyme scheme is aabccb. The syllable count is 7,3,7,7,3,7.