“Goodbye Ol’ Christmas”

Snow“Goodbye Ol’ Christmas”

tree made a fuss
branches heavy with lust.
Your twinkling bulbs about to bust
You stayed too long at the party for us.
Dark needles on the carpet crust…
Out the door! You adjust
to windy gust,

Write a “Rubliw” poem. Must be a message to someone or some thing.
The poem is mono-rhymed (ie, all lines have the same rhyme sound.
Syllable structure is 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2.

The Gift

 “The Gift”

Your steps quicken

As memories awaken

As you journey home

As you hurry, hurry home…

For you remember

A magical lighting of the face!

There is no sweeter place,

No finer grace

Than the gift


From your child’s


“A 1940’s Christmas”

Fir Tree
“A 1940’s Christmas”
Green fir arms dressed in red crepe
circles; taped.
Thread the popcorn, nestled close.
Sprinkle limbs with silvered swirls:
Christmas eve metamorphose.
(Few on this site were even BORN when I was decorating this tree *BigSmile*)
A  Le Sizain Hétérométrique Poem. The poem consists of 6 lines only.
The rhyme scheme is aabccb. The syllable count is 7,3,7,7,3,7.

December Thoughts

carol baby (2)

“The Christmas Gift”

Your steps quicken
as memories awaken
as you journey home
as you hurry home
remembering the lighting of that face!
There’s no sweeter place
no finer gift
than your child’s
shining eyes.

Photo Source:  my daughter, 1957