Breaking waves blow sea-foam in my eyes.

My swim fins glide adeptly from this ledge.

And, lo! my body, buoyed by the salt,


My being’s slipped its bony cage. Free-floating, spiny blob,

HOMUNCULUS as once I was my father’s spermal rage.

I’m orca, playing, as my brain pretends: no more aerobic carnivore!

Old Triton blows his horn. I’m banished back to shore,

but newly born!

(Write 66 word piece using word, “homunculus”.  Noun: A supposed microscopic but fully formed human being from which a fetus was formerly believed to develop first in the sperm. Linking to the HOST

“On Ormond Beach”

On Ormond Beach

Upon this beach, the people saunter by.
Idyllic children play at water’s edge.
The warm wind blows its foam into my eyes.
My swimming fins sink quickly from this ledge.

And, lo! my body, buoyed by the salt
forgets. My mind has slipped the bony cage.
Free floating, spiny blob, I’m fish, default,
some centuries before from early age.

I’m orca, playing, as a human ought.
Suspended, I am Pisces lost to shore.
Steered by my fins, my eyes,  as rounded lens
spin forth; no more aerobic carnivore!

But suddenly old Triton blows his horn;
I’m banished back to shore where I am born.

Feasting Crows


Feasting Crows

Crows mingle where the vegetation’s scarce.
They group above eroded garbage dump.
The stench of blackened roots; the land is fierce.
What god has given them such place to romp ?

The rain revisits some eroded squash
and fermentation stinks to heaven, high!
Excitement in the black and flashing wash
of wing and orange beak; then stymied cry!

Oh, death’s a celebration they conceive
as cells are woven; broken down to one.
They gather strength and grovel to relieve
their earth’s corrosive treasure in the sun.

They fly above their desolate desire;
above the filthy fumes; the smoking pyre.