I Saw You in a Cloud-bank

Photo by J. Casey

I saw you in a cloud-bank,
but lost you in the sky.
Your wondrous face too fragile
as winds did buffet by.
Still, memory has such value
unto my searching eyes.
I know that I have lost you
and makes me want to cry.

I heard two morning dove’s song
outside my window sigh
And when the wind did buffet them
they also said ‘goodbye’.
Still, for my missing songsters,
I sense they may return.
But Johnny, I have lost you
and still, the yearning burns.

I know a star in heaven;
And Johnny is his name.
And when I was not heeding
he wandered from our game.
And when the fields are crowded
with baseball players, fine,
I want to be his catcher’s mitt
for he’s a friend of mine.

My story has no moral:
I have a missing friend.
His name I know is Johnny

the yearning never ends.
And when my mournful say
accompanied with tears
shall meet with my old lover,
I hope it’s he who hears.
Grant that repentance solemn
may seize upon his mind.
Still, hope and consolation
among those fields we find.





You’re rolling out to sea
You’re waving me goodbye
Yet I am not set free
this seagull cannot fly.

“Goodbye”, the buoy tolls.
“I’ll miss you more and more.
Release my restless soul.
Adrift, I cannot soar.”

I’ve learned one certain truth:
there isn’t any death.
There’s only your last words
where I am left bereft.

Don’t ask a ‘pardon me’;
I’ll free you in advance.
I’ll let your kisses go
forgetting our last dance.

Love is a kind of death
like giving up and in.
Don’t ask me not to share
as boundless heartache mends.

Goodbye, goodbye, my heart
your sins now have reprieve
as I forgive your part:
your love did not deceive.

So waves my hurt from shore;
Your wintry face is pale
as I will love you more
as soft now sets your sail.

Love is a kind of death
like giving up and in…
But once the moment’s gone
Love’s promises don’t end.