Sonnet for Shylah

Shyla cocoonSonnet for Shylah

While Shylah rocks, cocooned within her sleep

what dreams are viewed inside her tiny head?

With all her world of warmth she snuggles, deep,

how near or far from heaven is her bed? 

What are such flights for dreamy baby girl?

She wanders far in whirls of silken trees.

She floats ‘oer hills where wing`ed fairies swirl.

She’s flung, aloft, amid a lilac’s sneeze.

A whispered tease from nature tweaks her nose

as drifting now, meanders forth the breeze.

The lark will pause to serenade this rose.

On wings of praise, shared notes with nature freeze

in awe.  They halt before their song begins:

it’s Shylah’s hushed, small breath they must attend.

“Why Are You So Silent, Jackleen?”

“Why Are You So Silent, Jackleen?”

So while she sleeps, she snuggles here with me.
I hold her tiny feet close to my breast.
No baby’s breath I sense as she so breathes.
No sound is heard. My rocker takes a rest.

Her fading flower forgives too-early bloom.
The petals close upon my rosy child.
We sway as she drifts close to home, too soon.
My rocking stops. I listen in a while.

And I, grandmother of some ancient curse;
I cannot hold her in my anguished arms.
I shudder; hand her to the waiting nurse.
My heart-child: we must keep her from all harm.

Nurse bundles her from sight as I must keen:
“Why…why do you so silent, sleep, Jackleen?”

(Day 29, April PAD, Writer’s Digest. Prompt: Write a Reality poem.)