Wordle #199, Feb 15, 2015

Hadron Collider-event

ACT with our CUES.
WRESTLE with our devils
HELD in SAINTLY TRACK unbending,
dismissive of all SCIENCE, save our quarks.
Smashed upon the evil level,
While MEMORY is stark.

Written for Sunday Whirl, Wordle #199.  Twelve Words:  cue, held, track, saintly, angel, act, science, crack, pebbles, wrestle, memory, empty.

“The Greeting”

Wordle #193 (sign,arrival, scar, stray, ingest, alone, silent, holy, plain, pale, laughing, chime)

“The Greeting”

Another HOLY day he sits ALONE
As SIGN of God’s ARRIVAL CHIMES the door.
His SCARRED, STRAY heart LAUGHING at the love
he will INGEST: a pat upon his PLAIN and simple head.
He waits, PALE and SILENT…

tail wagging.

Wordle #123

Wordle #123:(filters, springs, keep, bitter, cries, enough, South, train, fierce, out, pieces, gusting)

“Lincoln’s Train”

We watched the SOUTH TRAIN as it GUSTed forth:
so pitiful, she pierced the air with CRIES.
Her halting engine came from OUT the North;
funereal and FIERCE her flaming sighs.

Oh, BITTER sings this TRAIN from out the North
she stops at every hollow;  leaves a PIECE
of longing for what might have been brought forth:
a longing for what we, today, want eased.

ENOUGH! ENOUGH!  this train must slow and turn
a FILTERED message from its jaws must SPRING
and face the hate of late that we would spurn
and in its place a sprig of lilac bring.

Let slow rock of this train be lullaby:
For Lincoln and his time remembered, sigh.

Sunday Whirl

Sunday Whirl: Write a poem using the following: “striking, race, illuminates, hitched, concrete, pounding, circle, strain,wallow, scatter, incentive, stark”

“Titan vs Nature”

Henry M. Flagler’s train across the sea:
a striking image in a race for time
illuminates his personality.
He hitched his wagon to such things sublime!

A dreamer; Henry churned his century.
A modest man; built concrete by the shore;
defied the pounding waves to circle free
or strain against the Breakers Hotel moored.

His train from Jacksonville to Largo, quick
condemned by some as stark insanity;
incentive for mosquitoes scattered thick
mid hurricane of Thirty-Five in Keys.

Old Flagler stands among the titans  tall,
who struggled ‘gainst the storm and gave his all.

(Henry Flagler, hard-working millionaire and owner of Standard Oil, took the opportunity to ‘play’, finally, in his golden years. It was during this period his dream of a train across the ocean to Key Largo, Florida  originated.  Nature said “No way” but not before Henry gave Nature a run for his money. I can recommend a great read! “Last Train to Paradise” by Les Standiford, 2002.

Feasting Crows


Feasting Crows

Crows mingle where the vegetation’s scarce.
They group above eroded garbage dump.
The stench of blackened roots; the land is fierce.
What god has given them such place to romp ?

The rain revisits some eroded squash
and fermentation stinks to heaven, high!
Excitement in the black and flashing wash
of wing and orange beak; then stymied cry!

Oh, death’s a celebration they conceive
as cells are woven; broken down to one.
They gather strength and grovel to relieve
their earth’s corrosive treasure in the sun.

They fly above their desolate desire;
above the filthy fumes; the smoking pyre.

The Journey


We caught that train and shared it overnight.
It changed my little sis, myself age eight.
We marched along those aisles; the odor ripe.
Tobacco smoke in places made us faint.

We caught that train and heard its body retch
and tremble at the screaming of those words:
“Aboard!” and forward did the monster stretch
past streets with wheels that screeched like blackened birds.

A mournful cry  his call in places gray
though bound to die,  he rumbles right along.
Go puff! go puff! and then his talk and sway
blows circled, whitened clouds behind in throngs.

We caught that train and mastered many fears;
we heard our mother’s voice beyond our tears.