Shadows In a Song

Some Shadows murmur to us from our past;

Some linger, singing in the misty dark.

They’re mournful memories, relentless cast

away with rhythmic beat and loss of heart.

Our song most over now that George is gone.

“He changed the world”_ a daughter’s wistful moan.

A stirring of the light among the leaves

and he has left a sigh. His day has flown.

Oh, deeper than our well of being _ dark!

From deepest depths we hear again his voice.

And we’ve no need to listen to the lark

who hurries through the trees. He has his choice!

I’m here. I hear the sadness in your call:

“I cannot breathe. Oh, Mother, help us all”.

For Johnny



(Photo by Jacqueline Casey)

“For Johnny”

When silver leaves sigh, trembling to the ground
a brilliant gold is sprinkled everywhere.
Sure, then I hear your laughter mid the sound
of steps that shuffle up abandoned stair.

When scarlet leaves dance, hesitant to part

lay deep in dusty shadows, they intone

and whisper “I have been here where my heart
knows sad farewell to memories we’ve known”.

When days grow short with bitterness of soul,

among the frost and starry branches bare,

remember warm your humor I still hold
before the light grows dull to dark despair.

Once more I sense your autumn presence where,
among the jeweled leaves, you’re smiling there.

. .













Ode to an Oak

There’s majesty of scene where grows the oak.
You have more heart than most; my charming knight.
The winds of autumn hasten now to choke
but you resist the forest’s wintry blight.

You’ll not allow cold earth to freeze your heart
nor let the bitter breeze strip all your leaves.
You are that stalwart made of rarer part;
your leaf turns bloody beautiful, I see.

My bravest one, you face the cold ; unbowed
and I will marry you and place a crown
upon your shocked and bleeding, leafy brow.
My arms reach out to grasp and hold you round.

My love for you outlasts this winter song
as I will rest beneath you before long.