The Gift

 “The Gift”

Your steps quicken

As memories awaken

As you journey home

As you hurry, hurry home…

For you remember

A magical lighting of the face!

There is no sweeter place,

No finer grace

Than the gift


From your child’s


“Happy Thanksgiving”

Thankfulness dances:
I am a puppet with soul
as I pull her strings.

(form:  Japanese Haiku, 5/7/5)woman puppet  th

Puppet picture source: <;

“All the Beautiful, Young Men”(2)


“All the Beautiful, Young Men”

I see the beauty of his sober eyes.

At Omaha, it is his shining hour.

The camera has caught the scene at sunrise.

He’s standing in that moment of great power.

The ramp now opens; there’s the glint of dawn.

There is no turning back; no time to pause.

His choice is made and like a muscle torn

from out his heart , it is for raging cause.

“Oh, captain! I have done my duty now.

I’ve given you my soul and all my heart.

I’ve nothing more to offer or endow

as water takes my body, I depart.”

War cannot strip their beauty or that smile.

Our young men gone in such a little while.

Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”

... Shakespeare’s best known plays: Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s

“Love is Blind on Such a Summer Night”

Was on a summer solstice such as this

when drunk with idleness, old Bottom napped.

Awakened then, his new reflection kissed

two donkey ears, a toothy grin; a sap!

“Hee haw!”: a screeching noise that made him frown.

But through the eyes of love, Titania sees

our Bottom, hero, in the place of crown!

So, love is tilted as the summer breeze

with lofty dreams and sprightly attitude.

Old Oberon’s pretensions might be blamed

for all the fairy pleasures that are brewed.

Beware! a maze of errors may inflame.

for love is blind and surely ecstasy;

Old Shakespeare knew of love…and you and me.

(form:  Shakespearean Sonnet, abab;cded;efef;gg.  Iambic Pentameter)

Clogyrnach Poem

“My Place”

My life belongs to this one room
where it is quiet like a tomb:
Solemn, hollow space.
Single, sodden face.
None embrace
single gloom.

(Clogyrnach form: Syllables: 8,8,5,5,3,3.  Rhyme: a,a,bbb,a)

Never Forget

AmericaFlagOur face defies emotion with a stance

though years of suffered loss bring no relief.

Remembered is the gas mask at a glance

by firemen-stunned below the Tower’s grief.

Our face defies that memory recalled:

that day we ran, all ashen_ panic stings.

Our skin and hair so gray; we’re aged, all

that day we flew, gray-haired,

our feet had wings.

For Bloom site: Looking forward; looking back…


“This Day”

I sit in spaces that I call my Now
yet know there was a past. I lived there, too.
I’ve photos of the longings and the vows;
I’ve closed that book and start each day, anew.

“You must go on when all your love is lost”
so say life’s tomes; some shrewd philosophers.
But I reply: “I’ll not be journey tossed;
I’ll stay right here and be adventurer.”

I’ve been there and done all that once before
And, grateful for the presence I now live,
Though past is gone and future not implored.
I am that lark that simply, rising, gives.

I’ll sing, remaining in this moment’s play
accept whatever life will give today.

Bullfinch’s Mythology

“Bullfinch’s Mythology”

Greeks say that Eros, born of chaos
clings to Erebus and Earth.
Born of delight from the egg of night,
filled with fervor; full of worth.

Eros issues from her womb more love,
from such darkness sets men free
from the egg of night, born of delight;
as duplicitous does man conceive.

Eros arrows pierces pain in life;
takes away consuming grief,
born of delight from the egg of night
stealing all man’s mem`ry like a thief.

The monster, Cronus, conspired but failed:
endless love contains no time.
From the egg of night, born of delight;
birth of Eros forever divine.

(inspiration and source for this poem:  found a paperback of Bullfinch’s Mythology at the flea market for ten cents! )

The FORM:  The ZaniLa Rhyme is an interesting, modern repeating form  created by Laura Lamarca, and consists of at least two 4-line stanzas (although three or more stanzas are preferable).
RHYME SCHEME:   Stanza 1=  a,b,c1/c2, b   Stanza 2=a,b,c2/c1, b     Stanza 3=a,b,c1,c2,b  and so on… Syllable count: 9,7, 9,9

As you can see, Line 3 is a Repeating Line, which contains an internal rhyme and is repeated in each alternate stanza as in the first stanza. Each even stanza line contains the same line but with the two parts of the internal rhyme swapped. There is no maximum poem length.

“In This House”

In this House

I’m greeted in this house by wagging tail.
He grabs that latest toy to share with me
and from his lungs, he makes a sound; a wail
that sings to tell of happiness and glee.

I’m greeted in this house with shining eyes:
He’s Malcolm and he’s happy I have come
to say hello and speak with him, ‘surprised’:
the total of our voices, how they hum.

I’m greeted in this house with love too much:
we sit together, watching dog TV,
content , we sit and silently we watch;
this dog connection still a mystery.

Acceptance in this house; his finest hour
for Malcolm does sustain us with his pow`r.

Life’s a Beach – Horizon

The Horizon

The wonder is our marriage to the sea
who, faithful to our shoreline, turns again
against the lapping rhythm of her wave.
In constancy, she is an endless gift.

Sea whispers heard, she slowly turns the tide
her decibels repeated; hear her sigh?
The sea , our mother, folds us in her arms
as we may cry an ocean by and by.

A walk along this ocean’s breaking morn.
Ave; farewell my heart. We had our time
along this ever-restful, peaceful shore
where love repeats with more love than before.

(blank verse/iambic pentameter) this is unfinished