So, China is alert because we say
“The winds of change are coming here to stay.”
Americans are looking for that day
when all of our exchanges are fair-play!

And China contemplates how she will thrive; 
keep thieving and imbalances alive.
She hastens to attack us, inhumane, 
by building in her lab a serious strain:

Coronavirus is her proper name
which forces lock-down measures to contain.
Since capital the lifeline of the free, 
she shuts us down to harm economy.

Our only way to fight her is to gain
a semblance of some balance in our gain.
More carefully we open each school port. 
More careful, yet productive, we go forth!

America’s a beacon to the world
that China’s Communism is more sick
than any human virus she may hurl;
than any Socialism she unfurl.

Americans are problem solvers who
will not allow a lockdown to remain.  
We’ll take a stance for we’re for freedom’s sake
dare China close us down or force a break!