“Aubade” Red Poppies

Bright dawn, aglow with rosy blush-ablaze
appears our dainty bride; a powdered fey.
She blows a fairy dewdrop stormy maze
that plays o’er misty flowers blissful sway.
This sparkling day sends light to kiss the face
of groom who grows beneath the shadows low.
She blooms a brilliant hue; a purple grace
as beds of violets bewitch her beau.
The moon has slipped away beyond the night
as early beams entrance her wedding guests.
They turn their heads to greet the waltzing light
adorns the periwinkle’s silken vest.
Triumphant, golden march, as morning breaks.
A mystical reunion re-awakes.

An AUBADE is a morning love song or poem about lovers separating at dawn.  Also defined as “a song evoking daybreak”.