Blood Moon

bloody moonBlood Moon

The perigean moon now nudges earth

a light magenta makes his presence known.

He pulls our tide’s emotions with his birth.

A bloody,  moonlit night, aphelion.

Light rays are blocked upon our lunar face

Throughout earth’s atmosphere a reddish glow

as jealous lovers cast no calm embrace.

They’re bent, diminished in attempted flow.

Now apogee keeps distance in his heart

when all the moon lies shadowed by the soul

for seekers never know the brilliant part

as earth shine overwhelms the moonlit whole.

Man was not meant to see a perfect moon

Yet bravely sings as if he had such tune.


(I was up at 5 am this morning to see this moon.  It only appears just this red (and rare!) every 150 years…Beautiful !)

Settled in Alabama

 Halloween 1942-1(the author, Jackie, far right, at age depicted in poem)

Settled in Alabama

We plant ourselves in hard, red clay out back.
A dusty game of Jacks we champion
but near mid-morning, turn, as hungry birds
and stand outside our granny’s country store.
We shuffle dirty, bare feet; outstretched hands:
Six howling worshipers at open door
and hanker for an Orange Crush, Moon Pie.

Her checkered oil cloth table later swells:
the smell of steaming, hand-tilled butter-beans.
Her cornfield grows up to the railroad track.
Fried chicken was a staple from her hens
who cluck and peck, roam ’bout without a pen.

I marvel how they simply fed us all.
So many children, grand, with gaping mouth.
No Social nor Security is known;
your option is to work or else you starve.

Late afternoon, we run the mile of road
to meet the city bus brings Granddad home.
And we, his soldiers marching happily
we settle in behind him, spirit free.