“Ballade of the Bee”

Line Count: 31

Ballade of the Bee

Love’s mystery: communion of the bee.

His joyful buzz a welcoming alarm

for flowers. His madness filled with loyalty

whose body, soul and mind relentless, swarm

mid roses where his wings will do no harm.

Behold this busy thief; his game of bliss.

With kisses might the bumblebee inform

sweet love needs not a reason to exist!

Or, Love is when man hears that call to sea:

grand visions for the eye of sailor, charmed.

Adventures forth by natural decree.

Beyond his shipboard duty, comes a storm.

Then sea confronts and brings to him great harm

which fractures all his soul with bare, bold fist.

Yet spite of old Ahab, whom sea deforms,

sweet love needs not a reason to exist.

Oh, Love is like the stars, far-flung and free.

So bountiful their count, they do disarm.

They blaze beyond our sight, bright symphony

with fiery heart their yearnings to transform.

Yet, from that deep, unending dark so armed

with cold, they have a soul and they persist

as logical as love that’s palm to palm.

Sweet Love needs not a reason to exist.


The bee, the man, the star an endless psalm

that pushes all things, crazed, to ageless tryst

descending to their knees in worship, calm.

Sweet Love needs not a reason to exist.


Form:the Ballade , The French form – not “Ballad”.   3 Stanzas, 8 lines each Rhyme:  ababbcbC.  L’Envoi: 4 lines rhyme bcbC.  You need 14 “B” rhymes!


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