Nice, France , 2016


Here are two edits of same poem. Which do you prefer and why?  I appreciate all responses, good or bad.  I prefer my latest edit because I spent more time on it.  The first trial may have more spontaneity.  The second pays more attention to each word.  Just my opinion.

We cry for angels on each avenue.

The Devil rides our streets and there are few

may run so fast his evil to escape

when aimed by an ideal so full of hate.

There’s bloody death in Nice we all must share.

When will we take up our ideals; defend

the innocent so destiny’s their friend?

Our sighs still come too late as all those cries

from World War Two? Old souls regard the scene

repeated and repeat as oft we sigh:

“Another angel lost; we hear your screams.”

But when will we defend the little ones

when evil’s had…

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