Sonnet For Siyah

Siyah 13012839_1259927520702259_4055680267965955538_nSonnet For Siyah

The song that springs from your sweet innocence;
The petal of your lips an open grin.
A flower is my Siyah; no pretense;
Her baby eyes remind us love must win.

Oh, stay, my little bud! It is your day!
Remind us that our moments with you now
will never come again in this same way;
far richer than King Solomon’s gold bough.

The mystery and magic of your smile
like precious water could a thirst allay.
The richness of our earth is in your guile.
I will remember all your balmy ways.

Whenever I am feeling down and low
I will remember Siyah’s golden glow.