“Ol’ Christmas, 2015”

“Ol’ Christmas, 2015”

Ol’ Christmas appeared today.
Her hurrah hangs,  loose and sluggish.
Her spindly legs are shaky.

She, wilted, has her say:

“Life’s so unkind to disrobe me;
a ‘beauty’ in my day
with all my twinkling baubles and gems.
Yet, I know I cannot stay…
Remember me and be done with it!”

You, Ol’ Christmas, cannot stay
tho your lights still shine in sweet disarray
on this somber January day.
Ol’ glow, you’re outta here.

Another year gone
I fear.

As a child, I always found it quite depressing the day we dismantled the tree and threw her out for the garbage man.  The living room  looked  sad and empty and bare after she was thrown to the curb.Fir Tree