A Warning for Lovers

credit: Dreamstime.comPhotoCredit: Dreamstime.com

Be warned, for winter’s tease is all about.
Slight chill is in the air. Her glance is there.
Such danse macabre comes with October’s rout
when crimson leaves burn, withering and drear.

When colors drunk with frost and wind so high,
may swirl through trees and bend them to ground;
their righteous voices moaning for reply.
Their golden souls are lost and never found.

Forgotten are the dead , yet still they dance
in summer’s lost frivolities and tune;
like heart’s marooned in short-lived autumn trance
like sigh that is dispersed with solemn rune.

Oh, dance, my autumn, ‘fore your fiery tears
bring on that looming loss as winter nears.