“A Meeting on All Hallows’ Eve”

“A Meeting on All Hallows’ Eve”

Beneath my lonely room, bare floorboard creaks.
My sleep is hampered by a yawning sound.
My radio now crackles as she speaks.
For tuning, no solution may be found.

And , ah…an itch that comes from out-of-sight!
Just ‘oer my shoulder, turn-to-see with fear
where demons twist their danse macabre  tonight;
their alien whispers just beyond my ear.

A solemn hiss comes sliding shadow deep
as ghostly specters chortle top of stair.
My silent feet ascending there to seek
and catch the incubus thus unaware.

Beware! as hint emerges from your soul.
What shakes your shoulders well was kiss austere
where demons of a deadly dance enfold,
unbending in their quest to reach you here.

Beware! That sight from top of cellar stair…
From there, the scene is bloody, darkest well
of Hell. On this All Hallows’ Eve declare
that one might trip and join her chorus there.

Now, trembling in my bruised and barest feet
turn, churning from the Chortle’s ugly tune.
Cast open, wide, my door for trick or treat
and there do meet my deadly, loathsome groom!nightmare-300x245painting by Henry Fuseli, 1873

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