“Sabra-Jason’s Song”

best web bird“Sabra-Jason’s Song”

When Sabra-Jason’s flight turns toward the moon

A sunny Puerto Rico’s welcome rings

Marimbas play a bouncy Latin tune

where waving palms and castanets now sing.

Bright sunlight from your loving eyes did gleam

Was ever such a day as we had then?

When all the world was mostly like a dream

with love aloft, our face a silly grin?

Remember when the day may be too long

when Life might try to bother or betray;

Cast back a glance to our old wedding song

when looks within your eyes was my dismay.

Now, sing, we two, as life before us trends

Brave hand and heart, we’re ready to begin.

(a poem for a couple who were just married…friends of mine…I hope you like)