A Famous Tea Party

A Famous Tea Party

Astonished Alice finds a rabbit hole.

Adventure’s down below, behind a door.

Her FOOTPRINTS echo down a hall, quite cold.

A GROUP OF ELVES now hide beneath the floor.

And magic’s here: she sees a pooka flee!

An errant rabbit doomed to be quite late.

A bottle states: “Please, will you drink of me?”

A WILLOW TREE now bends and swings, irate.

A cup of tea to warm Mad Hatter’s flight;

A GOLDEN APPLE to assuage the Queen.

A MANUSCRIPT is mull`ed oer her plight

as all are wearing boutonnieres supreme!

A naughty, ORANGE cat grins ear to ear.

A HAUNTED PEN; well-PLUMED, this script sincere.

(Choose at least 6 of the following words: 1 A footprint 2 A closet 3- A spatula 4- A group of elves 5- An orange 6- A trolley car 7- A willow tree 8- A haunted pen (plumed)

9- A desert palace 10- A bowl of rice 11; A manuscript 12. A golden apple. )

FORM Chosen: Shakespearean Sonnet, 14 lines; rhyme: abab;cdcd;efef;gg


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