Shapeshifting 13, #7 Kickoff

Rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet, the circus fun house mirror reflects a bizarre, plump figure. She appears elusive, mutant …her hair squirrels from her scalp.  Slimy thin,  she surreptitiously stoops, serpentine, snakelike…hissing…mwahahahahaha…!

Use the words, “ball” and “mutant” in  39 words.

“Take it Down”

Confed flagThe soul of wrong where hatred hangs still casts

its banners bright recall a history

forgetful of its emblem’s ugly past.

Embrace a theme that cause more souls to bleed.

Oh, Mother E., your hearts embraced this man

and all the people said “Amen…amen…”

Yet, still, this slave to murder had a plan

where oft this flag of hatred stirs the wind.

Past banners Charleston carried  in her state

cannot rewrite her history again.

Yet still it waves, this memory of hate.

Where stirs this flag,  nine sorrows do I see.

The South’s Avenger has a change of mind:

bring down all flags that mock men’s liberty.

Let echo from all corners of our land

contempt for racists where their symbols be.

Shapeshifting 13 #5

Confident; breezy his walk

’til he failed to notice the manhole’s

yawning jaws!

(Use “breeze” in a poem or story containing exactly 13 words. )chimp

Shapeshifting 13, #4, “Soap Sally Chimera””>

“Soap Sally Chimera”

“Soap Sally is a witch bad children must avoid”,  says Dad. We listen for her twitch beneath our bed at night.  Goosebumps arise when window blinds flutter. Huddled, we are fearful to be found! 

Youth fled. 

Yet, Dad’s dire warning hovers, still…

in solemn shadows…

late at night…

memoirs of an ag’ed fright.


Painting by Henry Fuseli, 1741-1825.

Describe “Chimera” in exactly 52 words: (noun) horrible or unreal creature of the imagination; a vain or idle fancy.

Soap Sally Sonnet

“Soap Sally” was a creature most untamed!

Our dad warned terror came from such a witch.

If little-girls-gone-bad, two sisters named,

then Sal was listened for in ev’ry twitch

beneath our bed or muffled in night shades.

Our curtains rattled as the wind entranced

and goosebumps on our skin was surely made

when in the dark we huddled against chance.

My youth fled long ago from such a scene.

Yet, things our father taught us as a babe

somehow remain a fancy to be gleaned…

unseen, behind my shoulder, in dark shade.

Life’s shivers last a lifetime in some hearts;

depending upon Dad; what he imparts.

Chimera: (noun) horrible or unreal creature of the imagination; a vain or idle fancy.