Shapeshifting 13, #3, “Dream Diet”

Fruit face or Giuseppe_ArcimboldoVortumnus-(Vertumno) by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

“Dream Diet”

Love’s not a choice that we should make today.

We may not be compatible, you see.

My dreams include less fruit; less vegi-tray;

more ‘steak-and-egg’ man should I have my say.

Still, you might cure my over-weighty state.

(The prompt today is a rather fruity looking man.  Confine your piece to 38 words.)


“Starlit Bride”


The Beloved ('The Bride') 1865-6 Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1828-1882 Purchased with assistance from Sir Arthur Du Cros Bt and Sir Otto Beit KCMG through the Art Fund 1916
The Beloved (‘The Bride’) 1865-6 Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1828-1882
“Starlit Bride”
Now, as I gaze upon bright stars, remote
and marvel at their majesty,  delight
returns to you again for there I dote
upon another incandescent light.
You are my luminescent, brightest orb;
your glow astounds the dark.  A burning sight,
your spark a universe I would explore
before the sun should scatter all our night.
Our lamp holds oil enough for this short life
my darling wife, whose love retrieves me from
a dark and lonely song; sad herald’s strife;
 lackluster,  ’til we’re in our final home.
As you sleep, a thousand stars may hover;
your light more splendid than our starlit cover.

“The Search”

stamenThe Search”

If we should meet another time, my heart

when we must leave this world and travel far,

remember how the looks between us part

us to another place among the stars.

Our love a pensive gaze; a sparkling shower

of light where we embrace the need of each.

Like shiv`ring tendrils of some stamen’s flower,

we cherish all such warmth within our reach.

Departed from this place, we may be hurled

into a starless night beyond relief.

Love’s consciousness then absent from a world

where caring has no sense to cause us grief.

Still, in that deeper night, our souls set free

I will be searching yet, for thee…for thee.

Unlucky 13 Kickoff


RWS_Tarot_13_Death“The Thirteenth Card”

“Ogre, wanna quantum leap on a pale, pale horse?” quipped the delighted devil.

(Tell your story in exactly 13 words.)



As morning lifts

my dark curtain of night;

sea-gulled and wing’ed;

warm, satin bright.

She scatters the dust of a billion stars;

grace sweeping our universe here to Mars.

I’m grateful for her gifts…

>Mutant 750, #33

“Ain’t it the Truth?”

It’s best to let your sleeping hound dogs lie
or otherwise they’re baying at the moon.
Insisting cats make exit from their bags
may make them see you crazy as a loon.

Some like to make a mountain of a mole;
his hill a tiny fraction of the truth.
Some words of wisdom may be quite your goal
but best to shut your mouth; don’t be uncouth!

I’ve heard there is a truth, unvarnished, sigh…
but told by only children and some fools.
Tell half the truth; it’s often a whole lie.
Fact is, its form the strangest gospel tool.

The naked truth:  a cat could care less for
your bag of tricks; his pokes he best adores.

“Let the cat out of the bag”. (To reveal information previously hidden, usually from a specific person or group.)  I was amazed at the number of idioms existing in our language as I started my research.  I tried to use at least one in each line of my poem.  Even my title is an idiom.

Chimera 66, #16


As waning ice of winter drips

into our spring, my fingertips,

tempestuous, cling.

Catharsis now brings

tearful scene;

quiv`ring lips.

As all our season’s trials end,

your icy words my soul defends.

Our love not lanquid

nor is it torpid;

not morbid

or pretends.

Oh, let our winter’s stone-cold hearth

alight once more with fiery breath,

stretching arms to greet;

opening to meet


our true warmth.

Clogyrnach: (clog-ir-nach): It usually has a six line stanza that combines one couplet of eight syllable lines a. a., one couplet of five syllable lines b. b., and the final two lines of three syllables.b. a.. The two three syllable lines may be written as a six syllable line if desired.