Day 21, NaPoWriMo

A preexisting paraphrase of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116. (from “No Fear Shakespeare”:

“I hope I may never acknowledge any reason why minds that truly love each other shouldn’t be joined together. Love isn’t really love if it changes when it sees the beloved change or if it disappears when the beloved leaves. Oh no, love is a constant and unchanging light that shines on storms without being shaken; it is the star that guides every wandering boat. And like a star, its value is beyond measure, though its height can be measured. Love is not under time’s power, though time has the power to destroy rosy lips and cheeks. Love does not alter with the passage of brief hours and weeks, but lasts until Doomsday. If I’m wrong about this and can be proven wrong, I never wrote, and no man ever loved.”

“My Paraphrase, Sonnet 116”

Minds that truly love are joined;

love isn’t love if it changes.

Love remains constant when shaken.

Love may not be measured by Time

though he destroy rosy cheeks.

Love is not briefly held

but lasts until Doomsday.


Our prompt for today is an old favorite – the erasure! This involves taking a preexisting text and blacking out or erasing words, while leaving the placement of the remaining words intact.

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