Day 11 NaPoWriMo

“Ophelia”Ophelia drowns
Some there are who say that the truest thing seen 
on Shakespeare's stage is an array of conflicts;
some, in Hamlet, some would say his Ophelia;
          she who loves him best

is the loveliest. Harsh is his stage to make this 
plain to all, since she, who surpassed in beauty
all mortality, maiden, once driven from
          her lordly lover,

fled away to death's swim among the lilies. 
Not the thought of him her beloved parent 
was remembered, after the love of Hamlet
          won her at first sight.

Since young girls have hearts that can be persuaded 
easily, light things, trembling mouth, to passion
as she was, remembering his rejection
          has left her Hamlet

and whose lovely walk and the shining pallor
of her face Hamlet rather sees before his 
eyes than wicked Elsinore in all its show
          armored for battle.

(write a formal Sapphic poem; a combo of trochees
& dactyls.)

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