“What is the Time, Please?”


“What Is the Time, Please?”

We’re here so our time is Now.

Our dreams,  fleet-footed as the stars,

race across the universal swirl

and form a figure-eight,  return to open space

where there’s no future nor a past.

We’re left in sacred pause

to whirling, endless


The Wedding

Arielle(Photo by Julie Ferneau, California)

The Wedding

Wherever two hearts meet, then sparks appear

as linked forever love does make it so.

Its dawning and its innocence is here

as fire and the burn an afterglow.

That blaze of magic glorious to the eye

as Arielle shines forth for all to see:

she sparkles like a thousand rainbow skies

and brightest in her warm sincerity.

Their joy eclipsed by none as quiet falls

as in the hush of dawn the still moon hung;

as in the misty cloud we hear love’s call:

two snow-white doves await the rising sun.

The bless’ ed and the patient, caring kiss

now Jonathan encircles with their bliss.

(Shakespearean Sonnet.  14 lines iambic pentameter. Rhyme scheme: abab;cdcd;efef;gg.   My poem inspired by photo of two young friends, Jonathan and Arielle who recently married.)

“Goodbye Ol’ Christmas”

Snow“Goodbye Ol’ Christmas”

tree made a fuss
branches heavy with lust.
Your twinkling bulbs about to bust
You stayed too long at the party for us.
Dark needles on the carpet crust…
Out the door! You adjust
to windy gust,

Write a “Rubliw” poem. Must be a message to someone or some thing.
The poem is mono-rhymed (ie, all lines have the same rhyme sound.
Syllable structure is 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2.