“Back Seat Baby”

“Back Seat Baby”

It was the perfect day; sun-shiny bright.
My baby in his car seat takes a nap.
Our day is glowing; not a cloud in sight.
The traffic on the interstate, a snap.

I park and in the elevator dream
of visions: his first birthday party planned.
My morning rushes short or so it seems.
Lunch quickly comes and then a meeting manned.

The day sped on in one quick noisy leap.
The elevator’s homeward clunk the same.
My car key slides to chambers it will keep
as I behold the sight,  tears blind my shame.

A terror like ten thousand dying hearts
and not a sound did Jimmy make to part.

(This poem prompted by a news story.  So many forgotten babies found dead in the backseat of a hot car!  Tip:  put your cell phone in the back seat with the baby as you go to work.)

Maya Angelou

“Maya Angelou”

She sang of open sky,  free will
for cag`ed birds.
Maya merged her melody with words.
And, trippingly,  faith fostered on her tongue,
now heralds forth in heaven’s choir
love’s tempo, perfectly sung.
Her poems, holy; burnished in that fire
for  freedom.