“The Hanging Gardens of King Sennacherib”


The Hanging Gardens by Dutch artist, Heemskerck
The Hanging Gardens by Dutch artist, Heemskerck

“The Hanging Gardens of King Sennacherib”

Tell me if we are one, my heart’s desire.
I’ll move the earth, a plethora, amaze
where trees shall leap like overhanging fire.
forbidding my true love her homesick gaze.

I’ll build for you a fantasy, divine
where water flows upstream from Tigress shore.
Shaduf  from well of  mystic soul sublime
will quench the thirst for beauty you adore.

Where garden fragrance whispers as it blows:
A time for love’s beginning captured here
among majestic green and golden glow.
This mountain in a desert, tier by tier.

In Nineveh, a lover’s garden, true:

the longing leaves grow wistfully for you.

MVC-005SPhoto by Jacqueline Casey.

Babylon,  means “Gate of the Gods”.  A “plethora”,  refers to size in ancient times 400 feet long and 80 feet high.  Shaduf :  ancient method for transferring water to a higher level, still used today.  Pronunciation:  “shah-DOOF”.  Recent archaeologists found the fabled “Hanging Gardens” located about 350 miles  north of Babylon, in Nineveh (the home of King Sennacherib) and not King Nebuchadrezzar as earlier assumed.