Day 19 PAD, “Green”

Green Lily“Green”

My song has color of some Herrick scene
or the Earl of Surrey’s soote, ‘sweet season’.
Tasting of flora and the country-green,
Keat’s drowsy numbness; nightingale’s treason.

They say the hemlock offered Socrates
was same as shade of poison parsley.
To that dim forest glen, I bend my knees
become light-wing`ed dryad of her trees.

I list in morning’s light those poet’s dreams
so splashed across their canvas, varied tones
and tempos; luscious, ebullient, soft sheen
that I may choose as sheltered, final home.

My window open, shades of green appear;
both life and death do love this cover, dear.

 (Day 19, April PAD Challenge. Prompt:  write about a color.)

Poets referred to:  Robert Herrick, “Corinna’s Going a-Maying”;  Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, “Descriptions of Spring, wherein every thing  renews, save only the Lover” and John Keats, “Ode To a Nightingale”.