Stormy Weather

“Stormy Weather”

The sun, it burned my salty skin,
And turning, looking back, I see
A black cloud , churning from within,
She, fast approaching, threatens me!

I ran like startled crab might go;
Legs scurry as a spinning wheel.
Sought shelter from her lightning show.
Storm coming; warning me until…

The cloud now makes her great debut:
Such actress I have never seen;
She opens wide her arms to you;
And smothers all with wondrous scream!

Still running, breathless, straightaway;
I slowed a moment for a rest,
And spied a safer place to stay
Among some leafy palms I’ll nest!

Shiv’ring ‘neath the cloud’s low rumble;
Clapping now, I watch her dance.
Cower I , both damp and humble;
Though I’m frightened, still entranced.