Day 16 “The Baffled Heart”

The Baffled Heart

A favored image on this shelf, I keep;
my love. I know that look upon his face.
I learned to read his eyes though now he sleeps.
His look does pose a question not erased.

“Where are we, then, when all of this is past?
I only ask, as you’re the one around…”
“Where am I, love, behind this pane of glass?
I’m with you, yet I’m neither near nor found!”

I dust the mantle near his questing eyes.
Our conversation opens many doors.
His look does baffle me. My bold aside:
“I cannot answer queries you implore!”

“I know not why you’re gone so long before;
don’t ask me such a question, anymore!”

(16 April PAD Write about a loved one who has died.)