“Oh, Green, Green, Green, Green, Green!”


Green LilyPhoto by Jacqueline Casey

“Oh, Green, Green, Green, Green, Green!”

Since April does expect to have her fling;
an idiot’s delight, her trees will crest.
As yellow-noise among her branches sing,
she lifts  my spirit with her colors blessed.

April’s here again; seductive creeper.
Among the dandelions nods her song.
Her splendid call delights us with her blinders
of lush and leafy circles; vining throngs.

But, oh, defies allegiance from my heart
since you are gone with winter’s morning chill.
No matter, I will trust her insane start;
my mind befuddled neath her greener will.

Oh, lunatic! enchanter of the Spring.
I must become a partner to your green.

(Writer’s Digest April PAD Challenge for Day 4. Start your poem with “SINCE”)



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