“Oh, Green, Green, Green, Green, Green!”


Green LilyPhoto by Jacqueline Casey

“Oh, Green, Green, Green, Green, Green!”

Since April  now expects to have her fling;
an idiot’s delight, her trees will crest.
As yellow-noise among her branches sing,
she lifts my spirit with her greener chest.

April’s here, awakens from her slumber
and all the dandelions roar and bound.
Her splendid call delights the many numbers
of lush and leafy vines that circle round.

But, oh, defies allegiance from my heart
since winter’s gone , yet leaves me with this chill.
No matter, I will trust her insane start;
my mind befuddled neath her greener will.

Oh, lunatic! enchanter of the Spring.
Compelled to be a partner to your scene.