Sunday Whirl 150

The Sunday Whirl

Early words for early birds from television commercials:
cage, fuel, assault, six, where, type,
trigger, double, mercy, guess, easy, listIMG_000344_edited-2

“Enough Said!”

To CAGE my heart, first FUEL your ASSAULT

WHERE TRIGGER words will stab with their intent.

Then , SIX times SIX and DOUBLE, TYPE my faults;

no MERCY from your LIST may you relent.

So, bind my soul, ’tis EASY said and done;

no GUESS is necessarily untrue.

Your vibes and all your slander are not won

because my heart has listened to your brew.

But I say cast to hell your quacking tongue.

I’ll catch a better flounder from the sea:

one purified by salt it swims among

or sanctified along a loving lea.

Your words of condemnation form a wall;

a place  I cannot enter, now, at all.

(Shakespearean Sonnet. Rhyme: abab;cdcd; efef; gg. Meter:  iambic pentameter.)

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