“The End of Innocence”

“The End of Innocence”


In Dealey Plaza, hear the choir mourn:

“Remember him at death’s appointed hour”.

In beauty as the flower, man is born

as glory in his heart may give him power.

But then, the madness of one man betrays

that longing to transform and make men free.

Too brief John’s life.  Sad faces turn away;

the people shake their heads for they can see

ripped from all youthful hearts, a trust is torn.

Two priests will witness Kennedy expire

and all our innocence to country sworn

cannot defeat that Camelot held prior.

One man; one bullet in a Dallas square

may now forever change the need to dare.


(written on the 50th Anniversary of Kennedy Assassination

22 November, 1963, at 1:00 PM CST)