A Poem About Loss

“A Poem About Loss”

She closes eyes and briefly takes a breath;

remembers scent of him where lay his head.

She covers up her face with sheet instead;

remembers melodies before his death.

She slides her hands along the silken cloth.

She winces as the bed sheets now are spread

into a layered box where now he beds.

She wanders like a kind of muted moth

as now he sleeps in white and huddled hutch

and blanketed with warmth, she hears his voice:

“The soul is kept alive by human touch

so I will never leave you; that’s my choice.”

Imaginary arms embrace as such

but loss so loathsome she cannot rejoice.


Form for poem: referred to as a “George Gordon/Lord Byron” Italian sonnet. Rhyme

scheme: abba;abba; cdcdcd.) Iambic Pentameter.