Sonnet to John

“Sonnet To John”

Since you are gone, my days are not the same.

Although the sun still kindly lifts its head

and offers me a soothing from dark dread,

my night returns, reminding me of shame.

Since you are gone, I’ve taken on the blame:

that curse of one’s companion gone too soon,

before their time. They took you before noon.

Diminished is my light; my soul inflamed

since you are gone.  This mystery still glowers:

how I, so close to you, still linger here.

The laughter from your eyes that you did shower.

I close my eyes, remem`bring all your cheer.

No matter nature’s kindness, warmth or flowers,

my days now covered as the tented bier.

Above is my attempt at a “Byronic” sonnet.  Byron’s sonnets are obviously influenced by the Italian form rather than the English, and possess an octave and a sestet.  The octave comprises a progression of three rhymes: abba; acca but its the sestet that makes it unique: dedede.  My meter:   iambic pentameter.

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