“Old Owl”

“Old Owl”

The stars are blinking round our cabin site.
As dusk arrives, I hear you, hooting owl.
Amid the leaves there winks a full moon bright:
It shimmers silver light upon your scowl.

You, haughty bird sit high atop your perch
and slowly turn a head with lowered lids.
Your talons grip the branch with firmer touch:
With condescending mask your wisdom’s hid.

Oh, wing`ed creature; wondrous with mystique!
Man has, for centuries, defined you so
for such sardonic vigilance you keep,
nor bow to man’s designing depths below.

We do, in your most magic, shuttered eyes
delight in some strange omen you disguise.

April 24, 2014 “Tell it to My Heart”


                                                  The kiss no one wants                                                 to miss;  furtive, alarming                                                       as life rushes by...
Photo: Robert Doisneau

“Tell it To My Heart”

Though Heaven acts as
anchor for my soul,
a lofty tether is
your earthly kiss.

Since Heaven’s orb shines
brightest in your eyes,
I’ll  choose that crown
of gold:  your blissful sigh.

Day 24 April, 2014,  PAD Challenge, Writer’s Digest, Prompt: use “tell it to____”