Sonnet (Three Sisters)

“Three Sisters”

Three wicked witches summoned from the air.

To taste the murky evil, they aspire.

In haste they double-hex `ed Macbeth’s lair

the devil’s twisted sisters in a choir.

Their song is “Double, fiery, trouble-burn

into the blackened cauldron cast this spell.

And now we see the dagger’s bloody turn

that surely drips from tips of surly hell.”

Three witches baste the pitted throat of toads;

their poisoned entrails swelter in the pot

so stirred and charmed at once and aptly bodes

her evil tongue is steamy for the plot.

She rises from the trio’s muddy stew

ambitious (Macbeth’s Lady) from this brew.

You will find this quote, “Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire, burn, and cauldron bubble,” in the fourth act of Macbeth. Three witches open the scene, creating a diabolical brew in their cauldron.