Autumn Dancer (2)

Autumn Dancer

Her Autumn feet now flash across the floor.
She spreads her limbs and trembles in her flight.
She moves and sways like never did before.
Her frost now fails to dim against the light.

Escaped, bronze leaf trips to her heart’s delight.
She swirls in madness for that love expressed
before her waltz is over-shrouded white;
her silken gown so many hues have kissed.

Oh, leap, bright Autumn kick your heels and run
for moments come when you must take your leave.
Race past the gasp of summer’s misty sun.
Become that woman: golden, garnet Eve.

Bold Autumn, bravely does your glow entrance:
so delicate your step; so brief your dance.

Photo credit: <andreiuc88’s Portfolio on Shutterstock>