Wordle #123

Wordle #123:(filters, springs, keep, bitter, cries, enough, South, train, fierce, out, pieces, gusting)

“Lincoln’s Train”

We watched the SOUTH TRAIN as it GUSTed forth:
so pitiful, she pierced the air with CRIES.
Her halting engine came from OUT the North;
funereal and FIERCE her flaming sighs.

Oh, BITTER sings this TRAIN from out the North
she stops at every hollow;  leaves a PIECE
of longing for what might have been brought forth:
a longing for what we, today, want eased.

ENOUGH! ENOUGH!  this train must slow and turn
a FILTERED message from its jaws must SPRING
and face the hate of late that we would spurn
and in its place a sprig of lilac bring.

Let slow rock of this train be lullaby:
For Lincoln and his time remembered, sigh.