“This Prayer”

Dorsimbra for August 28,2013 Bloom

“You must believe: A poem is a holy thing _ a good poem, that is.” Theodore Roethke

“This Prayer”

My poem, on bended knees, has its conceit.
I honor Shakespeare’s sonnet for four lines.
I write my rhyme; respectful and complete
in rhythm, soulful; not to sting or whine.

Then, outlaw lines
have forced their way
mid muddled thought
befuddled prayer.

This holiness I seek with drafted note;
a particip`ial phrase of crafted care.
My prayer: romance of thought_repetitious!
My poem, on bended knees, has its conceit.

The Dorsimbra requires three different sorts of form writing, enjambment can help to achieve fluidity between stanzas, while internal rhymes and near-rhymes can help tie the stanzas together.

Stanza One:  Four lines of Shakespearean sonnet (iambic pentameter] rhymed abab).
Stanza Two:  Four lines of short and snappy free verse.
Stanza Three:  Four lines of iambic pentameter blank verse (un-rhymed verse), where the last line repeats the first line of Stanza One.

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