“This Poem”

“This Poem”

My poem, on prayerful knees, has its conceit.
I honor Shakespeare’s meter for four lines.
I write my song; respectful and complete
in rhythm, soulful; not to sting or whine.

Though wicked lines
might force their way
mid muddled thought
befuddled stance

yet seek a holiness of drafted tone;
a participial phrase within a psalm.
My lines: King David’s thought, repeated oft!
My poem, on prayerful knees, has its conceit.

The Dorsimbra requires three different sorts of form writing, enjambment can help to achieve fluidity between stanzas, while internal rhymes and near-rhymes can help tie the stanzas together.

Stanza One:  Four lines of Shakespearean sonnet (iambic pentameter] rhymed abab).
Stanza Two:  Four lines of short and snappy free verse.
Stanza Three:  Four lines of iambic pentameter blank verse (un-rhymed verse), where the last line repeats the first line of Stanza One.

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