Bullfinch’s Mythology

“Bullfinch’s Mythology”

Greeks say that Eros, born of chaos
clings to Erebus and Earth.
Born of delight from the egg of night,
filled with fervor; full of worth.

Eros issues from her womb more love,
from such darkness sets men free
from the egg of night, born of delight;
as duplicitous does man conceive.

Eros arrows pierces pain in life;
takes away consuming grief,
born of delight from the egg of night
stealing all man’s mem`ry like a thief.

The monster, Cronus, conspired but failed:
endless love contains no time.
From the egg of night, born of delight;
birth of Eros forever divine.

(inspiration and source for this poem:  found a paperback of Bullfinch’s Mythology at the flea market for ten cents! )

The FORM:  The ZaniLa Rhyme is an interesting, modern repeating form  created by Laura Lamarca, and consists of at least two 4-line stanzas (although three or more stanzas are preferable).
RHYME SCHEME:   Stanza 1=  a,b,c1/c2, b   Stanza 2=a,b,c2/c1, b     Stanza 3=a,b,c1,c2,b  and so on… Syllable count: 9,7, 9,9

As you can see, Line 3 is a Repeating Line, which contains an internal rhyme and is repeated in each alternate stanza as in the first stanza. Each even stanza line contains the same line but with the two parts of the internal rhyme swapped. There is no maximum poem length.