“Isolating the Pain”

“Isolating the Pain”

She’s separated from the life she knew.
She’s closed the door and finds some solace where
a mean and sep`rate silence does ensue
as once, two souls together, harbored there.

Upon a sep`rate sea her heart is lost;
their common anchor broken in that storm.
So, separation has alarming cost;
an isolation not without some harm.

Now sep`rate in that liberated space:
her isolated place behind closed doors.
Detach`ed is her haunted heart by grace;
and does allow the separation more.

But memories, alone, still toll that knell;
holds isolated thoughts she cannot quell.

Prompt for Our Lost Jungle 8/13/2013.
Write an anaphora poem. Also known as epanaphora, anaphora is the “repetition of a word [or words] at the beginning of two or more successive verses, clauses, or sentences.” A lot of poets consider anaphora just the repetition of the same word at the beginning of each line. However, anaphora can be a lot more diverse, and subtle. Sometimes the poet uses the same word/phrase; sometimes they use one word for a while, and switch to another in the next section/stanza.