Sunday Whirl

Sunday Whirl: Write a poem using the following: “striking, race, illuminates, hitched, concrete, pounding, circle, strain,wallow, scatter, incentive, stark”

“Titan vs Nature”

Henry M. Flagler’s train across the sea:
a striking image in a race for time
illuminates his personality.
He hitched his wagon to such things sublime!

A dreamer; Henry churned his century.
A modest man; built concrete by the shore;
defied the pounding waves to circle free
or strain against the Breakers Hotel moored.

His train from Jacksonville to Largo, quick
condemned by some as stark insanity;
incentive for mosquitoes scattered thick
mid hurricane of Thirty-Five in Keys.

Old Flagler stands among the titans  tall,
who struggled ‘gainst the storm and gave his all.

(Henry Flagler, hard-working millionaire and owner of Standard Oil, took the opportunity to ‘play’, finally, in his golden years. It was during this period his dream of a train across the ocean to Key Largo, Florida  originated.  Nature said “No way” but not before Henry gave Nature a run for his money. I can recommend a great read! “Last Train to Paradise” by Les Standiford, 2002.