Both Versions: “Dark Victory”

“Dark Victory”

Bending in her garden, shading her eyes,
her tulips knew her; it was no surprise…
“Why is it so dark,  clouds dimming my view?
Maybe rain’s coming…my skin feels cold, too.”
Roses knew no clouds had covered the sun.
They sensed it as warmth for her soul’s welcome.
Time to drop garden gloves and climb the stair,
accept the darkness.  Her flowers aware;
marigolds had taught her their turning in
soon followed with glorious beginning.

“Dark Victory” (Shakespearean Sonnet version)

She’s bending in her garden; shades her eyes.
“Why does the sky turn gray; clouds dim my view?”
Her tulips knew her soul; they’re not surprised.
“Arrives the rain; my skin seems colder too!”

The roses knew no clouds had covered sun!
But time  to put away her garden gloves.
Her roses knew a victory was won;
for daffodils; for flowers; all she loved.

And now, her marigolds heard murmuring;
and violets did close their tiny eyes.
There was no bending heads or whimpering;
she climbed the stairs and put away her sighs.

The music swelled as Bette disappeared
as mid her audience, rose misty tears.

A 1939 review of film (“Dark Victory”):
“Time Out London critic Tom Milne writes: “Bette [Davis] and [director Edmund] Goulding almost transform the soap into style; a Rolls-Royce of the weepie world.”  From the author of the above sonnet: Bette Davis gave this film her own, wonderful, distinctive ‘style’.

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