Life’s a Beach – Aloha (form: Pantoum)


I cast my flower in Aloha sea.
I want to leave the soul of me behind;
Upon that beach, where, left in memory,
beloved glances from your eyes divine.

I want to leave the soul of me behind;
forever run along that sandy stretch,
beloved glances from your eyes divine
as bright, as shining harbor waters fetch.

Forever run along that sandy stretch;
the two of us remaining, free and wild
as bright, as shining harbor waters fetch.
So did we play as children for awhile.

The two of us remaining, free and wild;
perhaps we’re never forced to say goodbye.
So did we play as children for awhile
where,  never slows infinity of sighs.

Perhaps we’re never forced to say goodbye
upon that beach, where, left in memory;
where, never slows infinity of sighs.
I cast my flower in Aloha sea.

Life’s a Beach – Driftwood

A Piece of Driftwood

What’s left behind a long and stormy night?
Your life! You’ve weathered all it had to give.
You, old beach relic, tell of such a plight
that, as a fond reminder, through it lived.

I’ll take you home with me; far from this sea.
We’ll rock upon my porch and dream of days
when we were straight and tall; and running free:
no blisters gnarled with ocean spray’s decay.

Your tone is bleached and white, this much I know
and there’s uncanny smoothness to your touch.
The wind and rain has made you victim; slow.
It takes a while when nature teaches much.

I’ll keep you, bit of soul from off that beach.
A heart’s companion; still it likes to teach.

Life’s a Beach – Watersport

The Surfer

Here begins and ends the grave of all things:
ocean waters force me to my sporting.
Surfer, skimmer, flying through new blue tubes
where swirling, magical delight confounds;
where mystery of rolling arms are bound
in waves unending, turning me to home.
So, hungry heart is given each new birth;
each ride is promised rivers past all harm
and though my place is lived here on this shore
my waiting for the next wave loved the more.
Oh! mother, for your ocean, I’m enthralled;
‘Fore earth and air and fire, your water calls.


Life’s a Beach (1)

Flamingo (2)“Life’s a Beach”
Hello, you hula-skirted palm tree’s sway.
I hear a ukulele’s wistful song.
It’s borne upon the breeze that floats my way
as shiny shells in water roll along.
The scent of seaweed and the cry of gull
beneath the yellow sun that glistens where
the rushing waves of water stir my soul.
My footprints find a soft reception there.
A dram of seaside air (a brew sublime)
a rippled shoreline I cannot resist.
My booming surf, a wanton friend, divine.
My heart is with your windy, sky-blown kiss.
Hello, my love of many youthful days.
Life’s still a beach so many blissful ways.

Life’s A Beach – Romance

What is romance; the rushing into arms;
the pounding of a heart along this shore?
A smile; a glow from longing eyes that charm?
I say, romance is moment’s all; and more!

Some poets speak of love as crashing sea
that drives two people to a broken heart;
that on a cold, deserted sandy lee
true love’s a tidal wave that’s pulled apart!

Romantic love needs proper movie site
with help of make-up man, lest we forget
and Maggie Mae requires her proper light
so justice for this passion’s scene is met.

Oh, love, l’amour, requires the proper set
‘ere romance meets with wild wind of regret.

Life’s a Beach – Bikini

My polka-dot Bikini’s worn in spots
the sun and years have faded it away.
So, on this hidden beach my body trots;
some parts of me unevenly displayed.

My bosom once two youthful tennis balls;
Le derri`ere once curving symphony,
bikini now has heavy load to haul.
I’m comforted; no Muscle Beach I see!

So spreads my yellow dotted suit in sun
it’s itsy bitsy dots hold part of me;
that part remembers Bobby Darin’s song
but parts no longer blurt of modesty.

As running, into water will I hide;
Avoiding eyes who see my surplus side.

Life’s a Beach – Paradise

Take my hand and we shall walk together
along this strip of land awash with sea.
You and me, in Paradise, forever
our footprints formed behind us; placidly.

Take my hand; we’ll dip into a blue sky;
We’ll swim into the briny foam like fish
who nibble near our legs with eyes that sigh.
Whose later joy becomes delicious dish!

Oh, heaven, hallowed, in this strip of beach!
we’re shouting like the seagull, overheard
in tones so loud the tide is overreached!
We’ll sing of love and jungle with the birds.

But should sea-bird-fish-sky and land be lost,
if still I hold your hand, there’s little cost.